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Best Stock Trading Ideas – 26 Mar’19

BUY VIPIND @ 450.70 & PERSISTENT @ 634.65

So here are the Latest Trading Tips from Indian Stock Market.

VIP Industries Ltd

VIP Industries is an Indian luggage maker which is the world’s second largest and Asia’s largest luggage maker based in Mumbai, India. ROA for VIP is 28.27% which is almost double in it’s peers comparison. ROCE for VIP is 42.81% & ROA is 27.69% which makes this stock outstanding in the industry. Earning per Share is growing after 2013 along with Net Profit, Year-On-Year basis which is the best part of the Fundamental Analysis. As a result, this stock raised from Rs. 60 to Rs. 450 in 5 years with a high of Rs. 618 in Aug’18. So Investor from long term perspective can grab this opportunity for around 14% growth annually.

Traders from short term horizon can also ride on this rally and buy the stock at current levels. Because, this stock has formed a Bullish Piercing Pattern on 25 Mar’19. With Relative Strength Index in Neutral Zone at 53.48 and Moving Average Convergence/Divergence is coming into positive zone. All the Key Indicator showing the bullish sentiment on the Stock.

Current Price : 450.70
Target Price : 464
Stop Loss : 440

Persistent Systems

Persistent System is a technology services company which was incorporated in 1990. Traders from short term perspective can look an opportunity into this stock. This Stock was in uptrend from 26th Feb’19 to 12 Mar’19 and raised from Rs. 590 to Rs. 697. After that, stock has respected the Fibonacci Retracement and corrected by 60% from it’s recent top. Now stock is ready to reverse the trend once again. Relative Strength of the Stock is moving at 46.94 which is a positive sign.

Current Price : 634.65
Target Price : 648
Stop Loss : 630

As per my Previous Trading Tips on SUVEN to buy @ 255 for a target of 270 is going in right direction and stock is currently hovering @ 260.

Please share your comments/suggestions for these Stock Tips. I would love to hear from you if I can be any help on your portfolio or any specific Stock that you want to discuss.

Note: Above mentioned Stock Tips are based on Technical or Fundamental Analysis however, Stock market is always volatile and risk is always included in the investment. Author is not liable for any losses.

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