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Best Stock Trading Ideas – 27 Mar’19

BUY JSW STEEL Share Price @ 282.40 & UNICHEMLAB Share Price @ 195.35

BUY JSW STEEL Share Price @ 282.40 & UNICHEMLAB Share Price @ 195.35

So here are the Latest Stock Tips from Indian Stock Exchange

JSW STEEL Share Price

JSW STEEL is a leading manufacturer of steel and iron. Also, they the largest steel exporter in India and export to over 100 countries. Since, from 12 Mar’19 the stock was in downtrend hence, Traders from short term perspective can ride on this opportunity. As this stock lose its price from its recent high of Rs. 298. However, Today on 26 Mar’19, stock has formed Bullish Engulfing Pattern at very strong support level with above average volume. Also, this support level has been tested by stock several times in the past. most importantly , Relative Strength Index of the stock is currently hovering at 48.39 which is below Neutral zone and an excellent signal to buy at the current levels. Moving Average Convergence/Divergence of the stock is supporting and moving towards positive zone.

Current Price : 282.40
Target Price : 287
Stop Loss : 278.80


UNICHEMLAB is a global pharmaceutical drug company established by Lt. Mr. Amrut Mody. Mr Mody was known to be a pioneer of pharmaceutical business and had tremendous knowledge about pharma sector. So, Traders from short term Trading view can ride on the opportunity and buy this stock at current levels. Since,Unichemlab was in downtrend from 14 Mar’19 with a recent high of INR 211. But After a long bearish trend today bulls have entered in this stock. Therefore, Unichemlab formed a long bullish candlestick and Bullish Engulfing Pattern backed by above average volume. On the other hand, Relative Strength Index of the stock is hovering at 49.29 which is Neutral Zone and a good indication to Buy signal.

Current Price : 195.35
Target Price : 199.50
Stop Loss : 193.50

My Previous Stock Tips for VIP INDUSTRIES and PERSISTENT SYSTEMS went very well and both the stock hit their provided target before noon.

Please share your comments/suggestions for these Stock Tips. I would love to hear from you if I can be any help on your portfolio or any specific Stock that you want to discuss.

Note: Above mentioned Stock Tips are based on Technical or Fundamental Analysis however, Stock market is always volatile and risk is always included in the investment. Author is not liable for any losses.

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    Daily i’m watching ur site…can u orovide option tricks

  2. Hi Vamshi,

    Many thanks for watching is daily. I would love to hear if you are getting benefited from market for all the efforts that I am putting into this or not?

    I will be adding many more pages for Tardes like you who really wants to understand the Technical Analysis and wants to trader on their own. Right now this website is in development phase, so it will take some time to add all the other features. So till then, please bear with me 🙂

    Ashish Gupta

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