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Best Stock Trading Ideas – 5 Apr’19

BUY JET AIRWAYS @ 260.30 & ZEEL @ 417.30

BUY JET AIRWAYS @ 260.30 & ZEEL @ 417.30

So here are the Latest Stock Trading Tips from Stock Market.


JET AIRWAYS is a major Indian international airline based in Mumbai. In October 2017, it is the second-largest airline in India after IndiGo with a 17.8% passenger market share. You might be thinking that this is debt ridden company whose CEO has resigned from his post due to incapabilities to run the company. Then why I am suggesting this stock to you ? So the answer is, though it is debt ridden company however, Civil Aviation Minister and Biggest lender in India (SBI) is trying to find out a way to save airline. Funding of 1500 Cr has already been received by Jet Airways from Banks. Impact has already seen in stocks of Jet Airways with a total Traded quantity on 4 Apr’19 was 2,17,31,236. You can read more here.

Traders from short term perspective can buy the stocks. Jet Airways was in downtrend from 27 Mar’19 and formed a Bullish Engulfing Pattern after 6 Red Candlesticks on 4 Apr’19 with a great volume. By volume traded, It is on 9th number in Nifty Stocks List. Stock is hovering between 200 Day & 50 Day Moving average. And, Relative Strength Index of the Stock is in Upper Neutral zone. Which represents a positivity on the stock. Moving Average Convergence/Divergence is also in positive zone. Thus, we can understand that there is positive sentiment on the stock in the market.

Current Price : 261.30
Target Price : 280
Stop Loss : 245

Zee Entertainment Enterprises

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited is an Indian mass media company by Essel Group. Headquartered in Mumbai, it has interests in television, print, internet, film, mobile content and allied businesses. Stock has biggest market capitalization in the Industry & ratios like ROCE : 26.03, ROA : 15.44 & ROE: 19.68 make this stock outstanding in peer comparison.

This stock was in uptrend after 27 Jan’19 and made a recent top on 1 Mar’19 at Rs 489. After 2 Mar’19 stock has respected Fibonacci Retracement and corrected its price by 61.8% from its recent top. Now after correction on the price, this stock has formed Piercing Pattern on 4 Apr’19 which shows a Bullishness in the Market about the stock. Relative Strength Index of the Stock is hovering at 43.29 which is below Neutral Zone. Risk-to-Reward Ratio for this Stock is 1:2 thus this is an excellent buy opportunity.

Current Price : 417.30
Target Price : 450
Stop Loss : 400

View on Last Trading Tips

Due to market pressure and Nifty being in high evaluation zone, index declined the gain. There was 1109 Declines vs 696 Advances in the market. Which mean there were 2 shares falling in front of 1 rising share. According to my Last Trading Idea on Havells, I am still Bullish on the Stock for Longer Term and it will return good profit to the buyers.

Please share your comments/suggestions if you are getting benefited from these Stock Tips. I would love to hear from you if I can be any help on your portfolio or any specific Stock that you want to discuss.

Note: Above mentioned Stock Tips are based on Technical or Fundamental Analysis however, Stock market is always volatile and risk is always included in the investment. Author is not liable for any losses.

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